Jenny asks…

are there any OTC medications for a UTI?

are there any over the counter medications for bladder infections (UTI‘s)
ive have atleast 5 this year and im tired of going to the doctor over nd over. can anyone plz tell me if they sell anythin at walgreens to treat utis. i dont want something to kill the pain. i tried those i hate them

admin answers:

Unfortunately in the US you cannot get antibiotics over the counter. However, macrobid would be the one you would need. Whenever I start getting a UTI I will take an AZO immediately and drink an entire bottle of water. Also drinking one dark beer a day has controlled my UTIs for over 8 mos. You can also drink cranberry juice (not Ocean spray, REAL cranberry juice) and take cranberry capsules but that just helps the symptoms, You HAVE to see the doctor. Just keep drinking A LOT of water.

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Sam asks…

UTI- Girlfriend has UTI, and can’t tell her mother to get prescription! How to Treat?

Hey guys my girlfriend is really in a tough spot, I need help!

My girlfriend potentially has UTI, and in order to get prescription medication for it, she would have to tell her mom. Now her mom would automatically assume the worst, and credit the UTI to her daughter being fingered too much (which could be the cause), but that is something we DO NOT want her mom to think.

Is there anything she can buy over the counter, or any methods of curing it she can try? We see “drink cran juice and water” alot, so shes going to try that, and also flushing with those fluids.

Help! Thank you!

admin answers:

You need antibiotics to treat a UTI. I can’t imagine why her mom would think that. Cranberry juice won’t help.

This can get very serious – see a doctor.

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