Paula asks…

Is white pasty discharge normal if it’s a week before your period?

I’m supposed to get my period in about a week and I’m also taking birth control. After me and my guy had sex the other night I noticed my discharge was white and pasty. As it dried it was very flaky and chalky. I don’t itch and it has no odor what so ever so I’m a little stumped. I know STDs cause it to have a bad odor and yellowish green coloring.

admin answers:

If there is no discomfort and no odor, it could be perfectly normal. Watch it for a few days, if it doesn’t clear up see a health care professional.

Jenny asks…

I have had a white pasty discharge with vaginal burning and itching as well as pain. It has a fishy odour? On and off vaginal odour more close to my period burning in the vagina and itching also in the anus. It comes and gos. I have tried yeast creams and they do not work.

admin answers:

Sounds like either a yeast infection or an std…consult with your doctor…

Lisa asks…

i should be getting a period in a another week. i notice that i have a white pasty discharge. is this a sign of pregnancy. i have this pasty discharge for at least three days now??

admin answers:

Do you think you are pregnant? Take a test.

All girls have a normal white/clear wet mucous discharge as the vagina is self-cleaning. A change in discharge is not a symptom of pregnancy. The amount and consistency can vary due to water intake, diet, exercise, medication, hormones, illness….

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